Get Started with Kine Perpetual Copy Trading - Trader Guidance


To apply as the lead trader in Kine copy trading, please make sure that your Kine account satisfies the following criteria:

  • The account must not be copying any other traders.

  • Your account should have the current trading margin type set to USDT.

  • At the time of application, your account must have had assets ≥$500 on Kine.

  • The win rate of your account's trades on Kine for the past 7 days should be 55% or higher.

  • Your account should have accumulated a trading duration of 7 days or more on Kine at the time of application.

2.Contract Options

Currently, Kine supports copy trading for contracts of three major cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, and BNB. Placing orders outside the copy trading section will be considered as individual trading actions, and users will not be able to copy those orders. In the future, Kine will gradually support copy trading contracts for other cryptocurrencies based on user demand.

3.Operational Guideline - Kine APP

Step 1: Open the KINE App and go to the home page. Look for the navigation bar and tap on the [Copy Trading] option to enter the copy trading page.

Step 2: On the copy trading page, click [Apply to be Copy Trader] to initiate the trader application process.

Step 3: On the trader application page, please carefully read the trader application requirements. Once you have confirmed that you meet the requirements, fill in your mobile phone number and email address. After completing the reading of the trader agreement, select "I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the Trader Agreement" and then click [Open]. Our staff will contact you within 3 business days. Please keep an eye on your email and internal messages.

Step 4: If you have already become a lead trader on other trading platforms, you can click on the [Apply to be Copy Trader] page and select the [Fast Track] option located in the upper right corner. For the [Fast Track], you need to submit the Copy Trading data from other platforms associated with your registered KINE account to, along with the necessary supporting documents.

Step 5: After becoming a trader, you can click on the [My Copy Trades] option located in the upper right corner of the Copy Trading page. You will see three modules:

1)Trader Information: [Profit Share Ratio, Today's pending profit share, Total Revenue]

2)Account Overview: [Total Margin (USDT), Available Margin (USDT) ]

3)Copy Trading Records: [Profit Share, My Followers]

Step6:If the [Copy Trading] account has no assets, you need to click on [My Copy Trades] and go to the trader's personal page to transfer. Transfer USDT from the [Assets Account] to the [Copy Trading Account]. Enter the corresponding amount of USDT and click on [Transfer]. The trader's margin for each order ranges from 1 to 100,000 USDT.

Step7:Click on the upper right corner of [My Copy Trades] and enter the personal [Settings] where you can customize the trader's [Profile] and[Preference Settings]

  • Profile: Traders can customize their avatar, nickname, and personal bio.

  • Preference Settings: Traders can set their tags, maximum number of followers, follower conditions, and profit share ratio.

  • Profit Share Ratio: Set within the range of 10%-30%. (When other users follow your trades and generate profits upon closing a position, a portion of the profit will be charged according to the set ratio.)

In the [Preference Settings] section, click on the [Start Copy Trading] button to successfully enable Copy Trading mode. You can then proceed to the [Copy Trading] tab for trading, and your orders will be followed.

Step 8: To return to the [Copy Trading] homepage, click on [Copy Trading] located on the right side of the Copy Trading Plaza. This will enable you to initiate copy trading.1)Choose the desired [leverage], enter the [Opening Price] and [Opening Quantity], and set the [Take Profit] and [Stop Loss] ratios.2)Click on [Buy Long] or [Sell Short] to successfully place the order.

4.Close Copy Trading

Traders can set [Pause Copy Trading] or [Close Copy Trading] on the [Copy Trading] page. Before closing Copy Trading, please ensure that all positions have been closed. Otherwise, it will not be possible to close the trader's Copy Trading. After closing, traders who meet the trader criteria can reapply to become traders again.

5.Risk Warning

  • Please set appropriate TP and SL ratios to minimize net value fluctuations.

  • Please establish reasonable fixed margins and maximum position limits to control opening costs.

  • KINE, its affiliates, service providers, or suppliers make no representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding whether you can achieve similar profits or losses as the trader you are copying.

  • You fully understand all risks associated with digital assets and related trading.

  • You are solely responsible for any and all risks and losses associated with using this service and engaging in digital assets and related trading.

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